My name's Natasha. I like to draw dinosaurs. And I'm trying to break into comics. At the urging of Twitter followers and local confidants, I have decided to try my hand at a web comic.

I'll be posting for free, but there will be a few tiny ads off to the side. Understand that these are just for wishful thinking, I've never actually turned a profit from ads (at the time of writing this my ad space earnings for the last year are at $3.14, and they don't cut you a check until you break $100) There is also a PayPal donate button, so if you like what I do and want me to continue to do it, feel free to use that. Any donations go toward art supplies, i.e. pencils, paper, electricity, cereal, and occasionally booze.

I hope that this can be an ongoing series, maybe there will even be enough to collect into a book. That'd be super fucking cool.


Natasha Alterici